Hi! I'm Jared, a web developer and aspiring accessibility specialist. I kicked off my webdev career back in 2020 when I was part of a research team creating a web app for processing and visualizing biological data. That taste of web dev got me hooked, and I decided to pursue a career in the field after I graduated with a BS in computer science. Since then, I've worked with Sparkbox to create Accessible Components (a reference site that helps other web devs adhere to WCAG guidelines) and a React Native application for a client that I can't name (signed an NDA).

Sparkbox placed a lot of importance on creating accessible products, and that's a mindset I'm interested in cultivating and learning more about as I continue my career. I'd ultimately like to become a certified accessibility specialist and am working on the neccessary prerequsites.

Some of the technologies I've worked with professionally are:
  • Javascript & Typescript
  • React
  • React Native & Expo
  • Next.js
  • Redux
  • Cypress, Jest


A webpage where an astronaut floats beside an asteroid

Accessible Components

Offers interactive code snippets that follow WCAG guidelines alongside explanations of the guidelines themselves. Created in 2022 with other Sparkbox apprentices.

A webpage where an astronaut floats beside an asteroid

Near-Earth Objects Tracker

Visualizes near-earth objects--namely asteroids and comets--in 3D using WebGL and canvas. (Note: WebGL is not fully supported in Safari!)